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?Why can’t Saudi female employees make it

?Why can’t Saudi female employees make it

It has been standardized for approximately twenty years that females in Saudi Arabia can only work in private places; like Same-Sex schools. There is usually a “ladies section” in every governmental office and agency, and even in private sector; same scenario. Segregation of work is highly on-demand by men and appreciated by women. So, when we come to a mixed and integrated environment as it is the natural milieu of work in the hospital, we face a huge problem

First; is how to get men “Guardians” to sign a consent form and allow “their” women to work in the hospital with other men

Many would immediately refuse and few would be concerned. Those few will ask for specific work conditions so that they approve and sign. There is another scenario, that is when her family approves, but her future husband comes and take her out of her job, whether she was OK with it or not. Worst case scenario, is when a female employee has a disagreement “fight” with her husband, he may interfere with her job and miss things up

Another issue is that there is a tendency among Saudi females to have more than three or four kids. This can be overwhelming, after all. Having very young children back home alone with the maid is very heart-acing. Female workers find themselves, out of guilty conscience, obligated to resign and stay home with them. IF not resigning, then it is a massive inattentiveness in her work place

One of the issues is that Saudi females are, usually, preoccupied with social life. It can take away so many chances to have work experiences and additional tasks. As a matter of fact, some female employees would pass on an opportunity to enroll in a course or a workshop to attend or meet a social commitment

It has been spread among hospital employees that Saudi female employees are not as qualified and skilled as others. They say that we leave our stations and go MAI. It is true I cannot refute it. But in our defense, this was in the past. We, the new generation, new staff, are way different. We have grown up in a new world that is different in every aspect than the world of previous female employees

One; however, must be mindful not to stereotype Saudi female employees. All what’s been stated above is going through a new phase. Yes, there are plenty who have let their departments down, but not all. I, actually, see huge potentials among the new generation of Saudi Women

Every hospital must see them as assets and whole entities not only to fill in Saudiazation lines. Don’t hire female employees as females, but as employees. I mean give them the chance to step it up; stand side by side with their male coworkers

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